Senorita Lyndsie (beggarsoflife) wrote,
Senorita Lyndsie

work blows

i can think of ten things i'd rather do than go to work today:

1-finish the third chapter of the new novella i am working on
2-take a very long bath in which i do nothing but read Pia Pera
3-Have my mom's biscuits and hashbrowns for breakfast
(then help my mom clean house)
4-Do ballet barre in the kitchen
5-Take another bath at about 4:00 PM
6-Watch "Illuminata" while drawing the Turtle and Hare Comic (the new one I'm working on)
7-Call Katy and say, "Hey bitch, we should skip school and hang out tomorrow"
8-Go to the feed mill and down by my dance studio to take pictures
9-Play guitar with my windows open
10-Go to mazzio's and get pizza for dinner

It seems odd that at least two out of ten things I do involve food (if not more than two).
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